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Our promise to you

Pullinen Property Group provides high quality and independent corporate real estate services to commercial tenants. We only represent tenants. We negotiate on their behalf and provide unbiased advice with no conflicts or confusion.

Our focus is negotiating commercial property transactions and related issues on behalf of our corporate clients.

Our services include tenant representation, corporate solutions, disposals, lease management and workplace strategy.

Our extensive knowledge and experience makes sure we save you stress, effort, time, risk and money.

Tenant Representation

Tenant representation is independently and exclusively representing a tenant’s interests and negotiating on their behalf with a landlord.

We are the link between you and the market.

We act as our client’s trusted advisor and professional negotiator. We are the interface between the market and our client. We work with our client to determine their real estate needs for the future. We search for and negotiate terms for premises on behalf of our client. We report our progress and carry out financial analysis throughout the process. We work with our client’s legal representative to conclude legal documentation.

We negotiate lease renewals, renegotiations, relocations, make-goods and rent reviews. We negotiate whether you are expanding, contracting, decentralising or consolidating. We carry out the initial feasibility, prepare the strategy and implement accordingly.


Having extra office space, warehouse space, land or buildings, is a major concern for corporates and affects the bottom line. In this low margin business environment you should mitigate that cost wherever possible. It is costing you heartache and money.

Whatever the circumstances, there is a disposal solution for every situation. Disposal by way of sublease, assignment, surrender or sale is not a complicated process. Mitigating costs as effectively as possible is all about active timing and employing correct methods from the start. We carry out the initial feasibility, prepare the appropriate strategy and then implement and dispose.

We have developed subleasespace.com.au as another way to help corporate tenants deal with extra space. Knowing how to evaluate, strategise and dispose of excess space, land or buildings is a foreign process for the vast majority of corporates. Let us manage the process for you and save your business money.


Lease Management

For the majority of corporates, lease management is ad hoc, disorganised and reactive. Most of it is alleviating organisational pressures rather than following a more structured and efficient corporate property plan thereby creating unnecessary anxiety and complexity. In fact, most of it is focused on the next lease expiry. As a result costs are not being contained or cut as well as they could be.

Our approach to lease management is focused on working closely with you to proactively manage the lease events within your portfolio. The true benefit to the client is that our approach increases time for strategic review. This increases leverage for negotiations with a net result of improved financial performance of the portfolio. Reap the benefits of an optimised lease portfolio.

Corporate Solutions

Our corporate property solutions specifically align your business goals and needs with the commercial real estate markets in which the business is housed – no matter what type, location and size of the commercial real estate.

We ensure you get the best corporate solution to your problem – be it single property or multiple property portfolios, citywide, intrastate or national. We review the situation, we strategise, we present the best solution and we implement. It is all about portfolio optimisation.

We partner with best-in-class partners if it helps you find the best solution.

Let us find the best solution to your corporate property problem.


Workplace is all about people, place and connectivity.

How can you commit to a property (lease or purchase) if you have not done enough background evaluation to determine exactly what you need for the foreseeable future? Many corporate occupiers do not carry out this homework and invariably have to settle for second best. The best view or the cheapest option are not always the best answers for your business.

The point of workplace strategy is not to follow someone else’s lead but to understand what suits you specifically. The aim is to provide a workplace that encourages and maximises creativity, productivity, engagement and well-being for your staff.

Drawing from all of our experience our approach takes you through the process to determine what your business needs before you go and commit to something that might not be your best option.



Being more sustainable in a ‘green’ way means you are more sustainable in a long term ‘business’ way. Why not save money and the environment at the same time?

We partner with the market’s best-in-class experts to determine which initiatives and solutions best meet your sustainability objectives and fit within your budget. The aim is to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy consumption and reduce your operating costs. This improves your bottom line, your workplace environment and more importantly your employee health and productivity. Each solution is tailored to the client as no two are the same.

We have partnered with a world leading technology provider with the aim to enhance cooperation and relationships between tenants and landlords. We are encouraging landlords to use this technology to save money by reducing energy costs while improving tenant conditions.