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Our Difference

What sets us apart?

It is our experience, our independence, and the fact that we are trusted by our clients and the market. We become an extension of our client.


We carry out your business with no conflicts or confusion. We don’t have other divisions to “feed”. We give advice not sales-based advice. We are focused on the client and responding to your needs not the needs of others. With us, there are no hidden agendas as we are truly independent.


Confidentiality is critical. Loose lips sink ships. Being boutique and independent means we do not need to share your confidential information with anyone. This increases your leverage. This is why we continue to be a truly trusted advisor.


With over 30 years’ experience we understand both sides of the real estate equation. We understand the new and old economies and micro and macro businesses. We give respect to market participants and are respected in return.



Clients first – that is our focus. We only want to do what is right for them. We focus on our clients’ business and property needs. Without the distractions of internal reporting and politics we have the extra time to go that extra mile.