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Our experience is extensive

We negotiate commercial property and related issues for our tenant clients and continue to do so on a daily basis.

We interact with the market, its politics and its participants on a daily basis and have been doing this for over 30 years. We are hands-on. We understand business, the real estate markets and the leasing process, and how they are inextricably intertwined.

Our extensive knowledge and experience makes sure we save you stress, effort, time, risk and money.


We represent clients across the country; wherever corporate property solutions are required.

We provide quality and independent corporate property services for all sizes and types of companies. We represent local, national and global organisations.

Many of our clients are repeat clients because they understand the benefit of good quality, continuous, unbiased advice. They respect our knowledge, experience, approach and passion.


We have represented clients in all Australian capital cities and many regional country centres.

We are able to represent you wherever you need representation. We are not confined to a ‘patch’ or particular market. We are a national tenant advisor.

Why spend the extra time, effort and money to use different advisors in different markets? Reap the benefits of one trusted advisor across the country.


We have represented so many different industries over the years and you get the benefit of that experience and knowledge.

Finance (banks), services (legal, accounting, engineers, recruiting), retail, manufacturing, IT, superannuation, non-profits, etc. We understand the idiosyncrasies of different industries and are able to share our experience whilst remaining sensitive to client confidentialities.

Property Types

Our experience is across all corporate property types – office, industrial, retail, technical facilities, even Earth Stations.

Corporate property is an integral part of any business. By understanding the different types of property, we can represent your entire portfolio whatever and wherever it may be.


Confidentiality is critical. Loose lips sink ships. Being boutique and independent means we do not need to share your confidential information with anyone. We don’t have other relationships encouraging us to divulge sensitive material. This protects and increases your leverage.

Over the years we have bought buildings and negotiated leases on a confidential basis. In these circumstances the Landlords respect our position. This is why we continue to be a truly trusted advisor.

Global Experience

Having worked overseas we understand how the global business community works and functions.

Having been a business conduit between the northern hemisphere and Australia for over 20 years we know the different expectations of global corporates. We act not only as your negotiator but as diplomat, interpreter and truly trusted advisor.